Bread iOS Wallet Reveals BCH Support

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Bread Wallet (BRD) formally announced its support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) iOS users. The app’s newest update allows people to receive, send, and store BCH in their account along with Bitcoin (BTC) investments.

BCH should not to be confused with BTC. BCH may be using the name Bitcoin but it is a different cryptocurrency altogether. BCH is a “hard fork” — meaning a new cryptocurrency born out of an original — of Bitcoin with an increased transaction capacity.

iOS users may take advantage of the simplified withdrawal tool included in the update. Those who had BCH investments before the update will now be able to easily track and move their BCH assets with a simple swipe on their smart gadgets.

BRD is in the process of getting feedback from the iOS community with regards to the app’s support for BCH. However, the move was deemed unnecessary by some users as the digital wallet already had support for BCH even before the update. Coinwire reports that BRD users who wanted to transfer their BCH balances before had the option to use a native extraction tool in moving their money. The latest update merely simplifies the process of storing and sending digital funds.

BRD has always supported BCH since its inception. However, due to the new coins being unpopular at the time within the cryptocurrency industry, the company allowed its users to withdraw their digital funds while it was developing the new update. Users who kept their Bitcoin Cash investments received a lot of bonuses, and this was noted in an article we wrote previously titled ‘Double Whammy: Wallet-Based Tokens to Hold in Your Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet’.

With this new update, the digital wallet company has successfully fulfilled the promise it made to iOS users back in August 2017.

“This new version of the app sports a modular framework, built from the ground up, that enables us to add multiple digital assets to the Bread platform, of which Bitcoin cash is only the first,” said Bread CPO James MacWhyte. “The next additions will be Ethereum and ERC20 tokens, which are on schedule according to the roadmap we devised at the beginning of 2018.”

BRD says that they want to make sure that the BCH chain would remain relevant in the cryptocurrency industry. It is for this reason that they have supported the cryptocurrency from the start.

“Either way we’re still in favor of having the option to store and use Bitcoin cash in their Bread, and all users voiced strong support for getting full access to any BCH that might still be stored in their wallets,” MacWhyte added.

With Bread’s integration to BCH, the cryptocurrency now has over 25 digital wallets, as well as 5 full node chains. BRD’s Android update has yet to be released, and there are no exact release dates from the management yet. However, MacWhyte says that the update for Android should be released soon.

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