Hardware Hodler’s Coin Spotlight: Special Trifecta Edition ft. ChainLink (LINK), Enigma (ENG), and Nuls (NULS)

September 2, 2018 | In Crypto | By

When all is said and done, dozens of projects in the cryptocurrency ecosystem will eventually fall by the wayside. But there are those projects in the space that bear very impressive fundamentals and seem excellently poised to stand the test of time.

It’s these promising, mind-bending projects that can get your head spinning with excitement and wonder.

Today, then, My Hardware Wallet wants to briefly walk you through three small-cap cryptocurrency projects that we think fall into this category of real long-term winners that may just be among the last projects standing.

In no particular order – and with no particular relationship between them – they are ChainLink, Enigma, and Nuls.


ChainLink is a decentralized oracle play.

What that means is that ChainLink is aimed at providing decentralized oracles, or “middleware,” which will facilitate the interaction of traditional data feeds with the blockchain. Think APIs and stuff like that.

This will be a huge project if the crypto space continues to take off. Why? Because it essentially will create translators that will help migrate all sorts of “Old World” data into the brave new world of blockchain tech.

We say if you’re not at least keeping your eye on LINK, you’re doing altcoins wrong.


Enigma is a privacy play, but hold up: it’s not a privacy coin like Monero or Verge. Instead, Enigma is a privacy protocol – essentially a second-layer solution – that can work with any and all blockchains.

Can you say gamechanger?

To that end, the Enigma protocol can help scale and secure the privacy of heavyweight blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. With such privacy, we’ll be looking at secret contracts that work just like smart contracts but are totally private.

And the cherry on top is the ENG team is chock full of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) alumni.


Lastly, we present Nuls, which is probably the project that you definitely haven’t heard of before. Nuls is a Chinese project that works with “modular blockchain infrastructure.” What that means is that Nuls is focused on connecting blockchains and making them interact in ways that previously weren’t conceivable.

For example, Nuls can facilitate cross-chain consensus over two different blockchains, which is crazy cool. Best of all, though, is that Nuls went head to head against other projects like NEO and Loopring in a recent Chinese government competition, and Nuls took first place.
We certainly think this is a project to bookmark.

Posted by on September 2, 2018 in Crypto
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