Coin Spotlight of the Week: Quantstamp (QSP)

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QSP: A Smart Contract Auditing Play

There are a growing number of people who think Ethereum will be the next “internet” – a new way, the next “big thing.” And, as Ethereum is a smart contracts platform, the success of the project will depend on the success of Ethereum’s smart contracts themselves.

Now, Ethereum’s smart contract language is currently Solidity, though there seems to be some consensus in moving to the Vyper language. Regardless, though, if the future of society is an Ethereum-based future, it will be crucial – beyond crucial, utterly necessary – to guarantee that the smart contracts of any given project are sound and secure.

Ethereum apps and wallets have been no strangers to buggy coding in recent months. And these bugs will need to be cut out in short order for the “next internet” to truly ascend into the mainstream.

That’s where Quantstamp (QSP) comes in.

Quantstamp is a smart contract auditing project that’s designed to give an expert stamp of approval on the security of every smart contract that comes before them. In this sense, they’re aiming to be the bug police. They’ll guarantee that projects in the cryptocurrency space are technically sound.

So, just envision this: Ethereum really does “moon,” becoming the standard smart contract platform for the world going forward. That’s no guarantee, of course, but let’s say it happens.

That’ll make Quantstamp huge accordingly. Because Ethereum’s success will be tied to Quantstamp’s success, insofar as Quantstamp’s team will become the premier authorities on guaranteeing the soundness of the largest and most important Ethereum-based projects.

To that end, QSP is definitely a coin worth spotlighting.

Y Combinator just accepted Quantstamp

The most powerhouse startup accelerator in the cryptocurrency arena is Y Combinator – they’ve backed other titanic projects like Coinbase, so if they’re behind a project, you best pay attention.

… and you best pay attention because Y Combinator has officially accepted Quantstamp into its 2018 Winter seed acceleration program.

That means QSP now has bigger backers than most crypto projects in the ecosystem have. That comes with an influx of expertise, cash, and reputation that should ensure the success of Quantstamp over the long-term.

Just think about it: Y Combinator isn’t jumping into Quantstamp because they think it’s a loser. They’re doing so because they think it will be a huge winner, just like Coinbase.

Where to pick QSP up from

As a cryptocurrency trader, your best bet to pick up some QSP tokens is by going to exchanges like Binance and KuCoin. Binance is larger and handles more volume, so you’ll find more liquidity there.  KuCoin is another solid option that’s similar to Binance in its user interface.

The IDEX exchange is the most popular choice for QSP buyers when it comes to decentralized exchanges, conversely.

Storing QSP on a hardware wallet

You’ll be able to store QSP, an ERC-20 token, on any hardware wallet that supports Ethereum, which is just about all of them.

So just set up your hardware wallet of choice, and then voila: you’re ready to send your freshly bought QSP over!

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