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The “CryptoWorld” – as most of us actively involved in it are already aware – is an ever changing and evolving industry with updates, new releases and news on an hourly basis. Last month, we received news of an exciting new update from Trezor Hardware Wallet in regards to exchanging cryptocurrencies. Trezor announced via their twitter account last week, that they have added an extra functionality to their wallets that gives users the ability to buy and trade cryptocurrencies within its beta wallet’s interface.

Trezor have built a stellar reputation in the Cryptocurrency industry for usability, convenience, safety and this company ethos is evident to see applied across all the services they provide, including the web-interface for the Trezors, the popular Trezor Wallet.

What does this mean for the common user?

In addition to the current features like multi-currency, sending, and receiving, complete transaction history, multiple account, users can now also conveniently exchange coins and swap between eleven different digital assets without the possibility of compromising funds by leaving them on an exchange. The entire exchange process can be initiated and observed directly in the Wallet interface.

The exchange feature is provided by various third parties including SatoshiLabs, Shapeshift and Changelly and you can read the full update by Trezor by simply clicking here and feel free to use Trezor’s latest new WikiGuide that offers a clear, step-by-step manual and guide on how to make use of it here.

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Posted by on November 29, 2018 in Crypto
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