Holder’s Spotlight: Taking a Look at Golem (GNT): World Super Computer?

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GNT is a Promising Cryptocurrency in the Cloud Computing Space

Here we go again folks, as we take another look at one of the more promising cryptocurrencies that hardware wallet users can hold. This week, we’ll be taking a look at the cloud computing play Golem (GNT).

Golem has been popularly dubbed as the “Airbnb for computers,” as it’s a cryptocurrency platform that allows users to rent out their unused computing power to others who are more than willing to pay for it.

If Golem has its way then, there will be no more unused, wasted computer power in the world, as computer users will begin to rent out their previously wasted power to others who can make the most of it.

In this sense, then, the Golem network is a decentralized supercomputer – shifting computational power around on the marketplace per the whims of person to person (P2P) interactions.

This dynamic will allow small-time users as well as massive data hubs to sell their unused computational prowess, and we here at My Hardware Wallet think this service can be ceaselessly popular in the years ahead.

For instance, consider if you’re a student in university and your cheap laptop is rather weak. You can leverage the power of the Golem network to buy the extra power that you need without having to pay for an expensive new laptop.

Alternatively, Golem has all sorts of enterprise-grade use cases. Consider computer graphics rendering farms for movie studios. These farms can now start streamlining their operations by purchasing power from the Golem supercomputer.

As you can imagine, then, Golem is subject to all sorts of interesting possibilities in the fields of machine learning and machine to machine commerce. And as such, we think Golem isn’t going anywhere any time soon – it’s a powerhouse cryptocurrency project that is in the top 50 cryptos to stay.

If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio into some promising ERC-20 altcoin tokens, Golem definitely deserves to be in the conversation. It’s an incredibly promising project that has real world applicability, and if it really does end up taking off, you’ll want to be one of the early arrivers on the Golem scene.

How to get your hands on some GNT

If you’re looking to buy some Golem, you’re in luck because it’s on just about any cryptocurrency exchange you will encounter.

Of course, reputability is important, so we recommend popular exchanges like Bittrex and Binance when it comes to nabbing some GNT of your own.

You can always give decentralized exchanges like ShapeShift and IDEX a try, too.

Holding GNT on a hardware wallet

Storing your GNT on a cryptocurrency hardware wallet couldn’t be easier, as the only thing you’ll need is an Ethereum address, which every hardware wallet in the game generates.

Say, for instance, you’re using the TREZOR One. You’ll start it up and initialize it according to the instruction manual, and then once your Ethereum address is generated, you can send GNT to it for safe-keeping any time.

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