My Hardware Wallet adds ‘Pay With Request’ button

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You Can Now ‘Pay with Request’ for hardware wallets

The future of e-commerce is poised to be facilitated through Cryptocurrency payment gateway services such as the the Request Network.

Thanks to the excellent WooReq, a WordPress plugin for accepting Requests, installing the gateway for us was incredibly quick and easy.

Projects like the Request Network (REQ) are a dream come true for merchants like us.

They have the possibility to help us optimise everything we could possibly need, from:

– Online payments
– Business-to-Business (B2B) invoicing
– Accounting
– Auditing / Transparency
– Internet-of-Things (IoT) management

We are proud to announce that we have added a ‘Pay with Request’ option to our site, meaning that customers can now pay with Crypocurrency in a totally decentralized way. We believe that this is a major step forward not just for us, but the entire Cryptocurrency community as as whole.

Why do we love the Request Network so much?

Well, the obvious advantage is fees. The Request Network allows us to take payment with a fraction of the fees a traditional payment gateway provider would charge. But, we are very excited about the future road map of Request which includes fiat gateways and oracles –  a huge deal for us which is often overlooked. Simply put, a customer could pay us with Bitcoin and we could receive GBP in return. Perfect.

So who profits from usage of the Request network, where do the fees go?

Every time a transaction is made using the Request Network a small amount of REQ tokens are burned on the back end. This means that neither the merchant or the customer need hold these tokens (thanks to liquidity services such as Kyber). In fact, to use the Request Network end-user need never know that REQ tokens exist. But, thanks to supply and demand, the diminishing pool of REQ means that token holders will profit from use of the network.

How can I use the Request Network?

You can pay with Request for any of our products at the checkout. Simply choose ‘Pay with Request’ when at the checkout and follow the simple instructions.

Posted by on April 27, 2018 in Crypto, Payments, REQ
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