My Hardware Wallet launch

June 2, 2017 | In Crypto | By

Hello, we’re proud to open the doors to our new crytpo hardware wallet online shop and we’ll be serving UK customers who want fast delivery on their new crypto hardware wallets and accessories.

We’ve teamed up with Ledger to bring you the leading edge of hardware wallet technology. Our first stocked product is the popular Ledger Nano S, we’ve used Ledger products ourselves for some time now so we can personally recommend them for their usability and robustness.

What are hardware wallets all about?

Hardware wallets are all about security and keeping access to your crypto both easy and safe. We wholly recommend investing in a hardware wallet for these purposes (or we wouldn’t have made this shop, right?). The other advantage we’ve found since storing our crypto on a hardware wallet is a good nights sleep, knowing our crypto keys are safe, secure and easy to access at the drop of a hat. And you can;t put a price on that!

Our mission

Our mission is to serve the crytpo community bringing you the latest products in hardware wallets and accessories. We aim to bridge the gap between having to wait for long shipping times from international suppliers and the British public.

Please do contact us with any questions about our products or business. We are happy to be part of this emerging cryptocurrency ecosystem evolving, and want to work with the community in any way we can.

Posted by on June 2, 2017 in Crypto
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