Interview with MHW CEO

Cryptocurrencies, hardware wallets, forks..the list is endless and to one not involved directly in the industry it can be quite confusing. We often are asked whether a hardware wallet is “really” needed or what the best and easiest way to store bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies safely is. Despite explaining this in the past, let’s briefly touch on what a Hardware wallet is in a simple manner.

Exchange Crypto directly via your wallet with Trezor

The “CryptoWorld” – as most of us actively involved in it are already aware – is an ever changing and evolving industry with updates, new releases and news on an hourly basis. Last month, we received news of an exciting new update from Trezor Hardware Wallet in regards to exchanging cryptocurrencies. Trezor announced via their twitter account last week, that they have added an extra functionality to their wallets that gives users the ability to buy and trade cryptocurrencies within its beta wallet’s interface.

Hardware Hodler’s Coin Spotlight: Special Trifecta Edition ft. ChainLink (LINK), Enigma (ENG), and Nuls (NULS)

When all is said and done, dozens of projects in the cryptocurrency ecosystem will eventually fall by the wayside. But there are those projects in the space that bear very impressive fundamentals and seem excellently poised to stand the test of time.


When it comes to cryptocurrency hardware wallets, TREZOR is the top dog for good reason. They’re a professional team who have displayed excellence from the very beginning, and their streak of awesome developments continues with the release of a new Bridge for TREZOR users.

My Hardware Wallet adds ‘Pay With Request’ button

The future of e-commerce is poised to be facilitated through Cryptocurrency payment gateway services such as the the Request Network. Thanks to the excellent WooReq, a Wordpress plugin for accepting Requests, installing the gateway for us was incredibly quick and easy.

Will PayPal Help Or Hurt Bitcoin?

Perhaps inevitably, digital payment and transfer platforms have begun to collide with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. When the cryptocurrency market first emerged and the concept of “digital currency” was heralded as something new.

Bread iOS Wallet Reveals BCH Support

Bread Wallet (BRD) formally announced its support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) iOS users. The app's newest update allows people to receive, send, and store BCH in their account along with Bitcoin (BTC) investments.

Coin Spotlight of the Week: Quantstamp (QSP)

There are a growing number of people who think Ethereum will be the next “internet” – a new way, the next “big thing.” And, as Ethereum is a smart contracts platform, the success of the project will depend on the success of Ethereum’s smart contracts themselves.

How Hardware Wallets Actually Work

Hardware wallets are special types of Bitcoin wallets that make use of a secure hardware device to store a user’s private keys. They are physical devices that carry an encryption and its sole function is to store your wallet file.

Holder’s Spotlight: Taking a Look at Golem (GNT): World Super Computer?

Here we go again folks, as we take another look at one of the more promising cryptocurrencies that hardware wallet users can hold. This week, we’ll be taking a look at the cloud computing play Golem (GNT).

Double Whammy: Wallet-Based Tokens to Hold in Your Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

The vast majority of cryptocurrencies in the cryptoverse right now are Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens. That’s great news for hardware wallet users, as it means you can automatically hold any of these tokens on your wallet’s given Ethereum address.

Holder’s Spotlight: Kyber Network (KNC) the Decentralized Exchange of the Future

Welcome to this week’s Holder’s Spotlight, everyone. Today, we’ll be taking a look at why the Kyber Network (KNC) project is so exciting going forward.