Double Whammy: Wallet-Based Tokens to Hold in Your Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

The vast majority of cryptocurrencies in the cryptoverse right now are Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens. That’s great news for hardware wallet users, as it means you can automatically hold any of these tokens on your wallet’s given Ethereum address.

Holder’s Spotlight: Kyber Network (KNC) the Decentralized Exchange of the Future

Welcome to this week’s Holder’s Spotlight, everyone. Today, we’ll be taking a look at why the Kyber Network (KNC) project is so exciting going forward.

The Coincheck Hack Yet Again Proves the Urgent Need for Hardware Wallet Security

One of Japan’s more popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Coincheck, has just been rocked by what’s already been clarified as the largest hack in the crypto ecosystem’s short history.

Exchanges Aren’t for Holding

For any of us who’ve been into cryptocurrencies for even just a few weeks, we’ve all been there – leaving our cryptocoins on our exchanges of choice while we’re waiting for X, Y, or Z to happen.
But that’s a terrible mistake in this premature crypto space. If you find yourself prone to leaving your coins on exchanges indefinitely, you must stop doing this.