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The world’s premier cryptocurrency hardware wallet providers are delivering their second masterpiece, the TREZOR Model T – also known as the TREZOR 2. The ultimate next-gen solution to your Bitcoin & other crypto storing needs (over 700 coins and counting!), the TREZOR Model T is even easier to use – and more luxurious – than its already epic predecessor. With touchscreen functionality and upgraded security, it’s never been safer or more fun to take your crypto with you wherever you go! Capable of carrying your bitcoins, ether, and other altcoins galore, the Model T will help you take your holding game to the next level.

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TREZOR model T – make the connection

The TREZOR T is an insurance policy for your bitcoins that has the convenience of fitting right into your pocket. Better than that, though, is the fact that it’s the newest and most advanced hardware wallet on the market.

You’ll use the T’s touchscreen to enter all confidential data, like your PIN and transaction details. And these details won’t be uploaded to your computer until your T has authenticated them, meaning it blocks cyber-breaches before they can even start.

Once everything’s authenticated and your transaction is good to go, only then will your TREZOR Model T activate USB communication with your computer.

TREZOR Hardware wallet

The T’s optimized over the already impressive TREZOR One, the OG cryptocurrency hardware wallet that’s stood the test of time for good reason: excellent development. With the T, no more needing to type your password in on your computer – you can do it right on your touchscreen!

Indeed, that’s what’s so great about this second TREZOR. It’s creators – Satoshi Labs – have the benefit of hindsight now, and they’ve put all their best ideas toward making the T the safest and most elite hardware wallet that everyday crypto users could ever hope for.

That’s why the developers at SatoshiLabs have imbued the TREZOR Model T with a new, brilliantly-secure and super flexible firmware they’ve dubbed TREZOR Core.

Built from the ground up, Core brings the T to life.

Open possibilities with Core

The TREZOR Core firmware that powers the T ensures that users will have total customization possibilities.

Since Core is open-source, anyone can audit the code and thereafter customize or repurpose it to their personal ends.

Beyond that, the developers behind Core designed it in such a way that the firmware places a premium on extensibility. This simply means that it will now be considerably easier (and thus quicker) to add support for new digital assets as well as new features to the T.

The grand takeaway? SatoshiLabs is directly planning on constantly expanding – and letting the community expand – the T’s capabilities.

That’s why Core already has a GitHub page open to the public! The T will be the community’s wallet, as we steward it alongside its developers.

The Core firmware also supports a MicroSD slot, so you’ll have advanced encryption capabilities at your command.

Ease-of-use is unparalleled

As is the case with the tablet-styled Ledger Blue, the TREZOR Model T’s touchscreen is a gamechanger for user-friendliness.

No more being restricted by two buttons. The whole screen’s your button now, and it’s made facilitating transactions exponentially easier.

And another element that’s going to make transactions easier is the T’s large (relatively speaking) and crisp 240×240 LCD color screen. It’s big and wide enough to fit all your transaction details on a single screen – say bye to scrolling.


Trezor Model T supports more than 700 coins.

And, thanks to the aforementioned extensibility of TREZOR Core, the T should have support added for loads of new cryptocurrencies in the years ahead.

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    My Hardware Wallet have had a sneak preview of this wallet, it will live up to the hype (=

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