The Brave Browser

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The Brave Browser

A spectre is haunting the web, and it’s the spectre of users’ data being invasively harvested by ads and web trackers. That’s where Brave comes in.

What We’re Trying: The Brave Browser – Using Brave Attention Token (BAT) to Revolutionise Digital Advertising.

It’s an open-source browser hailing from the cryptoeconomy ecosystem that leverages Basic Attention Token (BAT), a cryptocurrency, to change the way that publishers can monetise content on the web.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we!

The Brave browser – blocking ads and trackers to save your time and privacy

What Brave Can Do

Brave is a browser that blocks the downloading of unwanted ads and trackers and thus provides numerous benefits.

First off, preventing superfluous and manipulative downloads saves users money, as unsolicited ads can lead to data usage costs amounting to a couple hundred dollars a year. If you use Brave on mobile, then you can rest assured that your data plan isn’t being needlessly overtaxed by ads that you couldn’t care less about.

In fact, Brave will block so many intrusive ads and trackers for you that it’ll keep count on your browser home page. Every time you open Brave, you’ll see precisely how much time you’ve saved by cutting out on all the intrusions. It’s why Brave often proves to be much faster than both Chrome and Safari!

And when it comes to privacy, Brave serves a one-up on its competitors in offering both a vanilla “private browsing” functionality and an even superior, in-built “private browsing with Tor” mode – a special window that leverages the Tor anonymous browsing software to keep your web use totally secure.

The BAT Factor

The ad game is dominated by mainstream web powers like Facebook and Google, who take the lions’ share of all web ad revenues. Smaller publishes typically get screwed in the process.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore, per Brave’s builders. The browser relies on a native cryptocurrency, BAT, to provide an alternative monetisation route for web publishers.

The system works like this: users opt-in to watch ads that respect their privacy. Publishers are then paid in BAT in accordance with how much attention their ads receive. And guess what?
Users, who remain ever anonymous, also receive BAT for watching the privacy-respecting ads!

Brave Rewards

If you become a verified Creator with the Brave Rewards program, then users can sign up to give you monthly contributions in BAT – all of which is facilitated via the Brave browser.
All you have to do is confirm you own the page in question, and bam! You can then reap monthly BAT donations.

If You Try Brave, Try BAT – and Keep It Safe!

If you’re interested in giving the Brave browser a spin, you can download it any time for Linux, Mac OS, or Windows. It works on mobile devices, too.

If you experiment with Brave and like it, chances are you might want to pick up some BAT. Do that, and you’ve got a fantastic avenue for securing your tokens in offline, “cold storage” hardware wallets. Check out our diverse wallet selection at the MHW shop to ensure your hodl game stays supreme!

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