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Great News for the TREZOR Community, as Brand New Bridge Released for Users

When it comes to cryptocurrency hardware wallets, TREZOR is the top dog for good reason. They’re a professional team who have displayed excellence from the very beginning, and their streak of awesome developments continues with the release of a new Bridge for TREZOR users.

That’s exactly what you want a see from a project in the premature cryptocurrency space: a commitment for consistent delivery.

As for the Bridge itself, it’s set to be a great improvement for the community. Specifically, the “Bridge” acts as the communication hub that connects your TREZOR wallet to the company’s browser-based wallet client.

That’s a big deal because it’s at the heart of how TREZOR lets users transact. So, with an improved Bridge should come improved experiences for hardware wallet hodlers.

Overall, the new system is optimized to better meet the demands of users in 2018. As the TREZOR team put it in their blog announcing the update:

First of all, the Bridge is rewritten from scratch, using a more modern code, meaning it is faster, more secure, and more reliable. A big thanks to our development team!

Excellent stuff. The team went on to explain that since Google is beginning to shift away from Chrome applications, the new Bridge will help TREZOR shift away from relying on a Chrome-based app.

They further clarified:

Updates are optional unless you are a new TREZOR user. To install the new Bridge, please visit the Wallet.

Let’s unpack that statement really quickly. First off, if you’re buying a new TREZORs from here on out, they will have the new Bridge already loaded onto them. Holders of older TREZORs will have the option to update to the new Bridge at a time of their choosing.

And, once the TREZOR Chrome app is officially done, TREZOR users will be automatically asked to update, so you don’t have to do anything just yet if you don’t want to. You’ve still got some time to wait. Kick the can down the road or go ahead and make the download, the choice is up to you.

It’s going to be a bittersweet transition, to be sure, as the Chrome app was definitely beloved in the community and has already become familiar to many. But TREZOR is pressing forward and making sure they take care of their users, which is heartening. Again, they’re well trusted in the space for good reason.

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