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SteelWallet Backup Tool

SteelWallet Backup Tool

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Although there are many security features placed on hardware devices and within the software, these do not always keep your sensitive data safe. What you need is a backup tool to keep cybercriminals away from your important financial information.

Features Of The SteelWallet Backup Tool

  • No additional tools are needed with this kit. The backup tools are low-tech and have clear instructions for use when protecting your data.

  • The steel tool can withstand all sorts of conditions, protecting confidential information. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and resists radiation. It is even impervious to fire.

  • The product can store up to a 24 word recovery seed phrase to protect your cryptocurrency.

How Does The SteelWallet Protect Your Private Keys?

The stainless steel seed backup tool includes 2 stainless steel plates which provide a durable surface that can resist outside elements including natural disasters. With the included stamping kit, you can stamp your seed phrase onto the stainless steel plates. These engraved stainless steel sheets can then be hidden to protect your recovery seed phrase.

Safety and Security For The Hardware Wallet

Only you should be able to gain access to your cryptocurrency wallets. This is why safety layers are so necessary. Along with the pin code, and private keys, you also need an external form of protection. After all, one or two types of digital protection just aren't enough to keep hackers and thieves away.

The SteelWallet is made by Shift Crypto, a leader in high quality, secure crypto storage devices.

Security Features Of The Backup Tool

  • The product supports the BIP-39 standard. This allows you to store 12, 18, or 24 words as a backup phrase. You can choose the length of your recovery words.

  • The stainless steel plates are acid resistant, and they can withstand the most extreme conditions. The plates are designed to remain protected against fire, water, and impact damage.

  • The product is easy to store in a unique hiding place. It is small and lightweight considering it's constructed from steel. Never store your product in a common hiding place where it can be easily located.

Weight And Dimensions

The backup tools for the hardware wallet weigh 450g. The stainless steel is not super light. However, aside from its durability and strength, it's still easy to carry. It's also lightweight enough to hide in small places and among other lightweight materials. The dimensions of the product are 100 × 120 mm.


The SteelWallet Backup Tool is compatible with any BIP-39 hardware wallet and can store up to 24 words, 12 words per steel plate.

What Comes In The Box?

The SteelWallet package includes:

  • 1 instruction book

  • 2 stainless steel sheets

  • 1 automatic punch

  • 1 storage pouch

Purchasing Information

You can purchase a SteelWallet Backup Tool using a major credit or debit card, PayPal, or pay with crypto.

If you want an even greater level of protection, look into tamper-evident bags. These bags protect your hardware and backup tools. If the SteelWallet or accessories are found, it will be obvious by the breaches of the tamper-proof seal. Any type of attempted theft will be indicated, even if mechanical force or heat application is used.

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