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Nebra 8dbi Glass Fiber LoRa Antenna

Nebra 8dbi Glass Fiber LoRa Antenna

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If you want a quality glass fiber antenna for your Nebra miner, this product is a great choice. For a wide range of frequency bands, this antenna uses vertical power in conjunction with your Helium (HNT) hotspot Nebra miner.

Features Of The Nebra 8dbi Glass Fiber LoRa Antenna

The product features colour grey frequency antenna in a light hue. It has a fiberglass vertical body.

It has a vertical polarization and a 60ms wind speed resistance. It has a 40-80 degree celsius storage temperature and a 20-85 degrees celsius operation temperature.

The Nebra 8dbi glass fiber loRa antenna has 860-930 MHZ frequency bands and an 8.0dBi gain.

The device has a 360-degree bandwidth and 50 Ohms impedance.

The n-type male length connects with an n-type female body.

How Does The Nebra 8dbi Glass Fiber LoRa Antenna Work?

In order to connect with hotspots from a further distance, you'll need the Nebra 8dbi glass fiber LoRa antenna. The actual antenna is durable and resists various temperature conditions while scanning the area for Helium hotspots. Its wind speed resistance makes it a powerful product.

Mount your LoRa antenna 860 using the male to female fiberglass connector. This fiberglass connector and other accessories ensure the device is attached securely and your hotspot miner station is ready for use.

N Type Male Length

The vertical radome body connects with a male and female type connector. Then it is connected to the indoor hotspot miner to locate hotspots for mining Helium. This n-type connector creates a long and durable product that resists temperature fluctuations and other elements in the environment.

Weight And Dimensions

The product weighs 520g and has dimensions of 110cm in height. The colour grey frequency antenna is lightweight and strong.

What comes in the Box?

The box contains several parts and accessories including:

  • 1 glass fiber LoRa antenna 860

  • 1 UFL to n-type white fiberglass connector

  • 1 RP SMA to n-type connector

About the Manufacturer

Nebra is based in the United Kingdom. The LoRa antenna 860 is an IoT and Industrials solutions provider. The company manufacturers numerous products including the LoRa antenna 860 with vertically polarized monopole bandwidth. The antennas are used with indoor and outdoor hotspot miners for mining crypto such as Helium.

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