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Tamper-Evident Hardware Wallet Bags (5 Pack)

Tamper-Evident Hardware Wallet Bags (5 Pack)

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Secure storage for peace of mind

Is your Bitcoin backup safe? You might have stored it in a safe place, but how do you know that it has not been compromised?

Creating a backup of a cryptocurrency wallet is very important, but anyone who gains access to it can take possession of all the coins in your wallet. This does not even need to happen right away, it’s possible to remotely move your funds months after someone made a copy of your backup, without physical access to your wallet.

Learn more on the Tamper-evident bags product page.

Our Tamper-evident bags erase any doubt whether your Bitcoin backup has been accessed or not:

Comprehensive security
360 degree protection against all forms of undetected access, including safeguards against mechanical access, steam and moisture, heat, freezing and solvents 

Easy to use
Quick to seal, with unique numbering and tear-off receipt, transparent material to check content

Strong seal, security seams and tear-resistant foil

Tested security
Highest security standard as used by banks and government agencies

Universal application
Generic layout, transparent for visual checks and plenty of space for different items.


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